What is the Arundel A27 Forum?

  • The Arundel A27 Forum is a network of organisations and individuals who aim to protect Arundel’s countryside and neighbouring villages whilst improving transport and access. Their preferred A27 route option is a short bypass on the new Purple route, rather than further offline options being considered by HE.
  • The Forum will evaluate all options that apply to the Arundel section of the A27 and in relation to wider A27 plans at Worthing and Chichester. It will consider all issues including direct and indirect impacts on the wider community and the environment, integration with local transport, air quality, value for money, the economy, congestion, road safety, carbon emissions and all road users.
  • The Forum will ensure that there is adequate media coverage on the issues.  The Forum may make recommendations to Department for Transport and Highways England. If recommendations are not unanimous, this will be made clear and, a minority group may make separate representations.


For more detailed information and discussion, including Highways England and Department for Transport reports, go to:



Facebook: arundelbypass
Facebook: arundelscate


You can contact us by email: info@arundela27forum.org.uk

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